26 October 2020

MoonPiano v0.0.1-Alpha now live

This logo was originally designed by me well, as a white player of Go game back in 2017

First release, go grab it!

Greetings, finally the time has come to announce the public release of MoonPiano. It has been a lot of work and effort for a one-man-project but I damn glad I did it. Head to https://moonpiano.praisethemoon.org for downloads, available platforms are Windows, OSX and Linux (App Image).

Is it free?

Yes, and it will always be. I am working towards a subscription based plan for some extra perks and/or high quality lessons. This plan will probably take effect in late 2021/early 2022 (legal reasons). MoonPiano is developed by one man alone who is also paying for hosting services.

The future of MoonPiano

MoonPiano features will continue to grow, but most importantly the marketplace content. More music sheets will be added, especially lessons with documented instructions and/or videos.

As you can see, all the music sheets that are available at the moment are either in the public domain or my own creation. I cannot honor any request of copyrighted music on the platform.

Additionally, a port for MoonPiano on the web is in progress too.


Please visit the forum at https://moonpiano.praisethemoon.org/forum and share your ideas, what features you would like to see next and any good ol’ music sheet (that is old enough to be in the public domain) that you wish to play on the platform.

Will this version disappear like the old ones?

No, I have reworked this version of MoonPiano from the ground up and I am very satisfied with it. Forward is the only way I see right now.

I want to give it a try but I do not have a keyboard

If you have an Android device, you can connect it to your computer as a MIDI Device (instead of USB file transfer). By using a MIDI keyboard app on your android phone/tablet, you can use it a digital keyboard for practice too, not very convinient but it is still something. For Android I highly recommend `MIDI Keyboard`: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dreamhoundstudios.keyboard&gl=DE

MoonPiano works with any MIDI Device, just make sure you enable the output option in the app, to send your notes to the device.

Unfortunately I have no specific recommendations for iPhone apps.

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