17 September 2020

Moonpiano, why is it taking long?

Thank you for reading this article. Long story short, life hit me a bit hard recently. Since January this year (2020), I have rewritten MoonPiano, featuring fancy new UI, and fully bloated features. And then you see, I wasn’t able to stop myself from adding features. Until I stopped working on it completely. Was it a failure? Absolutely not. Did I give up? Never. So what went wrong? I just put in so much effort with very little support. I have invested money for money and backend. But I just needed a break. Am I back? Stronger than ever.

Cool story, but what’s new?

Well, my aim is to make moonpiano a social piano learning experience. You do not have to learn on your own. Find easy music created by other people. Search for some copyright free music, or again, if you own your own music sheet, you can still play it locally. Make friends and challenge them.

You don’t want the social part? No worries, you can simply not use the online feature, or even play offline (without even logging in).

Long story short, here what’s new:

  • Create an account play music earn experience and badges
  • Practice and challenge to track your progress
  • Event notifications
  • Get a “score” for every music you play. Compare your performance with other players.
  • Make friends, chat and duel
  • Upload your own content to the marketplace (or any royalty free music sheet). In the future, you might find more content such as licensed music sheets, sound banks, etc.

Currently, the challenge room is still work in progress. It will allow you to play the song once everyone in the room is ready. Then, the song will be played in challenge mode, thus, no pause/stop. Also the instrument of choice will be the main instrument of the sheet (usually piano).

How does it look like?

Well, you asked for it.


Sorry, not yet. There is still a lot of work to be done. Most of the features implemented are robustly tested and hopefully almost all issues have been identified and fixed already. So every new feature need to be tested very well for a smooth experience. With that being said, thank you for reading this. Do hit me up with an email if you have suggestion, idea, or just say hi. I don’t bite.

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