29 July 2019

MoonPiano 0.0.1-Beta Public Release

Finally, I had to sacrifice some nights sleep into the first public release of MoonPiano. The piano learning application that I have built is finally available for testing. Technically speaking, that is 98 Commits and 35 issues closed.

It is sad that Gitlab does not track number of sleepless nights, maybe I should request that feature.


  • MusicXML (.xml or .musicxml files) and compressed Music XML (.mxl) loading
  • Audio playback
  • Ability to change current measure, bpm and zoom
  • Practice Mode (even though it is very basic)

Screen Shots & Usage

First, open the app, should work out of box.

From here, configure your keyboard, you must have plugged in your digital keyboard before opening that menu, this is a bug I have been too lazy to fix.

From there, press play, select a Music Sheet and if it goes well, you should see the notes.

In play mode, you just explore the notes, listen to them, get a feeling of how the music is played. You can later on switch to practice mode

In practice mode, you will have to play the notes progressively. The practice mode does not yet handle time duration, of each note. It is a very basic process of checking if you pressed the right keys. It will wait for you to press them all before moving forward.

Enough Blabla, Where is the release?

Does this app collect data?

No. (not yet anyway hah)

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