3 January 2019

So what did I do last year? I understood backprop.

In a nutshell, 2018 was probably not the best year. Or was it?

I have been excited to pursue a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. It was like a dream coming true. Except that, turns out things tends to be harder than expected. A lot of people having a lot of expectations.
Given my technical background as a software engineer, I was able to toy with various object detectors such as Faster R-CNN and Yolo, and quickly came up with an idea, a contribution. While I think it is taking a bit longer than it should, probably because I do not have a high-end deep learning computer, the approach seems promising. Meanwhile, I have been understanding back-propagation algorithm, technically, computation graph, chain rule, derivative of basic mathematical functions and activation function and implemented it in C for my CGraph project.

Boy, what a great journey. And it is still going. I have never realized how wonderful deep learning until I coded everything from scratch. There will be a future post about CGraph, and a dedicated website (probably under this domain), but I want to share few references that I had to read to understand computational graphs and automatic differentiation.

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