Introducing Type-C


A sneak-peek into Type-C, a new programming language I am working on. ... Read More

Type-C Dev Post 1


In a new series of blog post, I highlight the current status of type-c and the type-v VM. Since I am posting on an infrequent basis, expect the order of these posts to be chaotic. ... Read More

Type-C: Type System


The name Type-C, actually comes from two things. The first is the fact that it is a statically typed language and rich in terms of data types, the second is C, the language that inspired it. In this post, I will be talking about the various data types that type-c supports. Some interesting types are intentionally left out, such as `variant`, `string`, `array` and `process`. These will be addressed in a separate post. Hence in this post we focus on: Basic Types, Enums, Structs, Interfaces, Classes, Joins, Nullables and Functions. We finalize by looking into the strict type modifier. ... Read More